⚡Hybrid Defi

Hybrid Defi aka SPL404

FutureDAO is all about Future Technology, and there is no better way to align the Future Protocol and our Token Migration Champions than with SPL404.

  • Swap FUTURE for NFTs

  • Stake NFTs for Rewards

  • 3 Day Warm-up and cool-down periods

  • 30-Day Token Vesting

How it works:

  1. Swap $FUTURE for NFTs.

  1. Stake NFTs to earn Token Migration rewards.

  1. The more NFTs you stake, the more you earn.

Token Migration rewards are released via the NFT Portal. They are released linearly over 30 days to align with the projects that use our tools. The rewards are split proportionally.


  • 3 Million Tokens Rewarded over 30 Days

  • 10,000 Tokens Per Day rewarded to NFT stakers

    • 100 NFTs on Day 1 = 100 Tokens claimable per NFT

    • 200 NFTs on Day 5 = 50 Tokens claimable per NFT

There is a 3-day warm-up and cool-down period. You will not earn protocol rewards if your NFTs are in either of these periods.

See Token Migrator to learn about rewards emissions

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