ðŸšĻFuture Protocol

FutureDAO's Token Migrator facilitates the seamless transition of one token into another. We empower communities to innovate, fundraise and reclaim control.

Head to our website for more -> www.futureprotocol.io

Our Token Migrator Helps:

  • Rugged Projects: Preserving community and restoring value in projects affected by rug pulls*.

  • Metadata Changes: Allowing communities to re-launch with proper metadata greatly increases the safety of their token.

  • Fundraising: Securing financial support to sustain and expand promising projects.

  • Rebranding: An opportunity for projects to start fresh.

  • Hostile Takeovers: Empowering communities to assert control over failed project teams. This can be hospitable as well.

  • Token Extensions: Allowing projects to re-launch in Solana's newest standard.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Multiple token inputs. Coming Soon.

*We have expanded upon the traditional meaning of rug pulls -> see What is a Rug?.

If you've been affected by any of these, head to Discord or Telegram and fill out our onboarding form here.

The Four Futures of the Future Protocol

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