⛓️Rug Bounties

The idea is simple: When a noteworthy project gets rugged, we at Future DAO will put up a bounty in $FUTURE tokens plus a percentage of newly minted tokens that can be claimed by anyone who successfully manages to broker a token migration with our Future Protocol*.

*See Token Migrator to learn what constitutes a successful migration.

The Rug Bounty tool has 3 parts:

Current Bounties

This section will showcase tokens that have been rugged and will be updated manually by members of the Future DAO. The criteria for these bounties will be determined based on the following metrics:

  • Relative MCAPs

  • Twitter Following

  • Community Size

  • Media Coverage

High-Risk Tokens

This section will parse on-chain data to relay some of the most at-risk tokens on the market currently. Thousands of tokens are launched daily, but only certain tokens deserve to be on the list. The criteria for these at-risk tokens will be determined based on the following metrics:

  • Fluxbeam’s Rugcheck.xyz Danger ratings

  • Daily Trading Volume

  • Unique Holders

  • Twitter Following (If possible to track)

  • Community Size (If possible to track)

Recent Rugs

This section will be the hardest to execute, as so many token rugs occur a day and the truth is that not all rugs are worthy takeovers. Still we will endeavour to display them when they have meaning data, like the following.

  • Number of unique wallets

  • MCAP at the time of rug

  • Percentage down

This is a novel idea, and we will endeavour to make changes where necessary. If this excites you, please reach out.

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