ðŸ§ŊSolana Emegerncy Response Team (S.E.R.T)

FutureDAO is on a mission to connect the First Responders of the Solana ecosystem. Below are the teams we think deserve to be included in this list. If you know others, please reach out!

Solana's most trusted Anti-Rug tool. Now supporting Token Extensions.

The public good assertion protocol. Transaction safe guards and a pathway towards ending wallet draining.

Burn any unwanted NFTs or tokens and reclaim the rent.

A cadre of talented like-minded visionaries, creators, developers, & artists creating public goods on Solana.

An on-chain crypto trading data aggregator. Providing fair access to investment opportunities for all traders.

Proactive defense for Web 3 wallets. Stop fraud before it happens on 10+ chains. Trusted by over 30 wallets.

Solana's wallets are on the front lines and deserve recognition for the steps they take to safeguard users' funds.

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