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A project or a community may want to migrate from one token to another for many reasons. Here are the ones we've highlighted:


If a project has been rugged, the community dies. Consider Future Protocol an emergency helpline. If there is a community, we can help them migrate to a new token.

We've expanded on the traditional definition of a rug; see What is a Rug?


Some projects run out of funding. This could be due to misappropriation of funds or a loss of product market fit. However, if the token community is resilient, relaunch makes perfect sense.

One of the hardest parts of building a successful project is community. If you've got that, don't lose it.


The ability to change a project's image, name, and description is a very important part of migrating a token. While it is not mandatory to do so, having the option gives communities and projects the chance to re-write the story.


Many tokens, especially rug pulls, have poor metadata. When a token has metadata problems, it is a serious risk to the community. This means that relaunching is one of the only ways to proceed. Most teams (devs) will not give access to the tokens they have created. This means the websites, social links, freeze or mint authorities become huge potentials for exploits.

It is extremely important to use Rugcheck.xyz and check the checkmarks on aggregators like Birdeye.


Aka Hospitable Takeovers. Empowering communities to assert control over failed project teams. There is a reason why it is popular in traditional finance. This particular reason for migrations will take time to come to fruition and is likely the most contentious. But, there is a need in crypto for on-chain trustless takeovers.


As it stands, tokens cannot upgrade to the new Token 22 standard without re-launching, which presents another opportunity for performing a token migration. Our V2 will handle Token Extensions.

Head to Solana.com to read about Token Extensions -> https://solana.com/solutions/token-extensions


Multiple token inputs. Coming to a V2 near you.

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