🚠Migration Process

Want to see if your community is a fit? -> Token Migration Questionnaire

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  1. Intake:

    • Community onboarded.

  2. Launch Parameters Set:

    1. Migration date & duration chosen.

    2. Pre-sale raise amount & price ($SOL) selected.

    3. Treasury allocation selected.

      Max dilution* rates:

      • <$1m FDMC: 15% (7.5% presale, 5.5% Treasury 2% DAO Fee)

      • <$5m FDMC: 12% (6% presale, 4.5% Treasury 1.5% DAO Fee)

      • >$5m FDMC: 10% (5% presale, 4% Treasury 1% DAO Fee)

      *Maximum inflation is based on current token market caps to keep fees and token dilution as fair as possible.

  3. Token Migration Begins:

    1. Token added to Future Protocol Migrator Front-end

    2. Pre-sale goes live.

    3. $oldTOKEN can now be swapped for $newTOKEN

      1. Tokens are locked until migration is completed successfully.

  4. Token Migration Ends:

    1. Successful ( >60% Presale Raised )

      • $oldTOKEN sold to reclaim locked LP.

      • $newTOKEN plus $SOL raised or reclaimed placed in LP.

      • $newTOKEN claimable by swap & pre-sale participants.

      • Unclaimed $newTOKEN sent to community multi-sig.

        • Not FutureDAO’s multi-sig.

      • $oldTOKEN holders who do not migrate are airdropped 50%.

    2. Unsuccessful ( <60% Presale Raised )

      1. Presale $SOL returned to all participants.

      2. $newTOKEN must be swapped** back into the $oldTOKEN frozen in the contract.

      3. All $newTOKEN is burnt.

** In order to reclaim your $oldTOKEN in the event of a failed takeover, you must swap the previously frozen $newTOKEN back. Refusing to do so will leave you in a poor position, given that the migration was unsuccessful and no liquidity for that token would exist. This is by design and an important part of the protocol.

Criteria for Successful Migrations:

The pre-sale must sell at least 60%, with the understanding that if it fails to reach 100% sold out, all presale participants will receive their pro-rata share of tokens for the presale.

Suppose the pre-sale does not reach 60% by the end of the transition period. In that case, all tokens deposited in the transition contract and to the pre-sale contract will be refunded to the users effectively, meaning the takeover will not occur.

The amount of tokens pledged to transition is largely irrelevant. It’d be odd for a presale to reach >60% sold in the pre-sale and not have the old token holders transition in large quantities. Nevertheless, old holders who do not transition will ALWAYS receive 50% of the new tokens they would have received had they allocated their tokens to the transition plan.

DAO Fee Structure:

FutureDAO does not benefit monetarily from Token Migrations at this point.

Currently, the following fees are charged based on the market cap of the projects migrating:

  • For projects with FDMC <$1M = 2%

  • For projects with FDMC <$5M = 1.5%

  • For projects with FDMC >$5M = 1%

The fees are taken as inflation on the $newTOKEN mint and are delivered to the Champions NFT DAO. See Hybrid Defi for NFT details.

For example, suppose $MERTD had 1 billion tokens in circulation with an FDMC of $2M. This would mean the maximum they could raise would be 6%, with 4.5% left for the treasury. The Champion NFT DAO fee would be 1.5% because the FDMC is <$5M. Therefore:

  • The new $FUTURE supply would be 1.12 Billion:

    • 1 Billion Tokens reserved for $MERTD holders at 1:1*

    • 60 Million tokens for the presale

    • 45 Million tokens for the treasury

    • 15 Million tokens delivered to the Champions NFT DAO

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