🊙Token Metadata

Metadata is stored securely with Irys -> https://irys.xyz/

Future Protocol V1 is gate-kept by FutureDAO to ensure that tokens are migrated safely and fairly.

Token Information

  1. Token Name: The name of the new token (e.g., "Future Token").

  2. Token Ticker/Symbol: The short symbol for the token (e.g., "FUTURE").

  3. Description: A brief description of the token and its purpose.

Token Details

  1. Total Supply: The total number of tokens to be created.

  2. Decimals: The number of decimal places the token can be divided into (e.g., 6 for Solana tokens).

  3. Mint Authority: The wallet address or authority that can mint new tokens.

  4. Freeze Authority: The wallet address or authority that can freeze token accounts.

Visual Assets

  1. Logo:

    • File Type: Preferably PNG or SVG.

    • Dimensions: 512x512 pixels recommended for optimal display.

    • Size: Under 100 KB

  2. Website URL: The official website for the token/project.

  3. Social Media Links: Links to social media profiles related to the token/project (e.g., Twitter, Telegram, Discord).

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