🏰Future Champions

If Future DAO were a Kingdom, Future Champions would be the knights in shining armour. Spread out across the empire, erecting castles of their own.

With a few simple goals:

  1. Spread awareness of the Future Protocol

  2. Assist rugged communities and earn tokens for doing so

  3. Train and become Community Takeover leads via a Future Protocol partnership and token migration

How do I become one?

To become a Future Champion, you need to declare your desire within either of our Discord or Telegram communities. A member of the Future DAO will add you to our esteemed list of Future Champions, where you are amongst good company. This is simply the beginning of your journey; there are ranks:

  • Champions: Anyone who signals the desire to assist with Future Protocol awareness.

  • Knights: Any Champion that successfully brokers a token migration via our Future Protocol

  • Lords: Any Knight that completes 3 migrations or more.

What’s in it for me?

The adoration of the Future community. Oh yeah, and the following:

  • Token rewards from brokering takeovers

  • Full access to Future DAOs Solana guidance

  • A crash course in how to make noise in the Solana ecosystem

  • Media experience; podcasts, AMAs, Twitter Spaces etc.

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