ðŸ‘Ļ‍ðŸĶēThe Takeover Story

On March 6th, SidechainGavin made the bold decision to save the meme coin $MERTD from a dev rug. Rather simply, he noticed that the lead developer wallet dumped all its tokens, crashing the token price into oblivion. At that moment, he contacted the Merted Twitter account and proposed a takeover plan.

It just so happened that many of the current DAO members were also early holders of the $MERTD token. After seeing Gavin's post, many joined in his crusade. A new Telegram community group was spun up, and the mission began to develop. Over the next week, there was a rapid influx of new Solana ecosystem participants, ranging from devs to marketers to traders and bizdev types. Many inspiring conversations on how to push MERTD to new highs were had, but more was needed...

The FUTURE token is the culmination of those efforts and all that transpired that week. Check out DAO member Dirt's video recap of the epic 24 hours 👇

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