🔄Token Swap

Update April 2, 2024: All token phases complete. $FUTURE launched successfully.

On March 25th at 7:30 PM EST, $MERTD token holders can swap their tokens on our website for $preFUTURE tokens. This window for swapping will be open for 7 days, ending at 7:30 PM EST on April 1st.

Everyone who swaps will receive $preFUTURE 1:1 with $MERTD. We have voted to fund our DAO by minting extra $FUTURE tokens, see Treasury Funding for details.

The $preFUTURE token must be held on-chain to receive the $FUTURE airdrop

Swapping your tokens is HIGHLY recommended. If you do not, the following will occur:

  1. Just after 7:30 PM EST on April 1st, the DAO will commence with selling all $MERTD swapped for $preFUTURE tokens.

    • This liquidity will be used to seed the $FUTURE-$SOL LP

  2. All $FUTURE will be airdropped:

    • To treasury = 75M Tokens

    • 1:1 for all $preFUTURE holders = < 1B Tokens

    • To presale participants = 75M Tokens (see Community Pre-Sale)

    • 0.5:1 to all $MERTD holders that did not swap

  3. Any remaining $FUTURE not airdropped will be burnt, subject to the following 👇

There will be situations where $MERTD holders have been providing liquidity, unaware of these plans. Due to the LP token, they will not receive the airdrop. The DAO will reserve $FUTURE tokens for these holders and will do everything possible to reach out in advance.

Thankfully, the amounts supplied are low. They can be seen on Birdeye under the markets tab.

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